Our forecasting platform depends on the efforts of a talented group of people. We draw on a vast range of skills and experience from mathematicians, technologists and statisticians to experts with backgrounds in academia, finance and medicine. It’s this combination that has enabled us to create the future of forecasting.

Almanis is a Dysrupt Labs company – to learn more about our range of collective intelligence and forecasting projects visit www.dysruptlabs.com

Head of Almanis • Rowena Hutchins
An engineer by profession, Rowena has worked across a broad range of disciplines (including manufacturing, government and banking) in Australia and Europe. She holds additional qualifications in finance and project management. Rowena is a strategic thinker who is able to link high level ideas to rigorous data analysis, using strong analytical skills. She has played key roles in developing new business structures and implementing very large scale change projects.

Lead Curator • Sam Dentry
Sam is a graduate of Monash University with a Masters of Business (Science and Technology) and a Bachelor of Biotechnology with Honours (First Class), receiving the Raymond Hind Prize for Patenting for Commercialisation. He has been involved in tech start-up companies for the past two years and with Almanis’ intellectual property and government strategy.

Curator • Tom Penfold
Thomas is a graduate of The University of Melbourne with a Master of International Relations and a Bachelor of Arts (History and International Studies), having also studied at the University of Nottingham. After spending a year working in Laos, Thomas was drawn to the geopolitical and collective intelligence side of Almanis.

Curator • Alex Gruen
Originally from Melbourne, Alex is currently on a gap year before going to Oxford University to study Maths and Philosophy in October. He has been interning at Almanis since December.

Curator • Jane Carroll
Jane is currently a Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Melbourne, majoring in actuarial studies. Originally from Brisbane, Jane moved to Melbourne for university after receiving a Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Curator • Stephanie Ponsonby
Stephanie is undertaking an Arts Degree at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Psychology and History. With a special interest in the human potential in collective action, Stephanie is very excited to be part of Almanis. She enjoys debating with inter-University competitions and with the work team.

Customer Service • Ingrid Bentley
Ingrid has an extensive history in customer service, and is keen to ensure that Almanis users are assisted to achieve the best possible user experience.

Principal Researcher • Nick Williams
Nick graduated from Monash University in Australia with degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Science. He is fascinated by projects that mix the rigour of science and engineering with the fluidities of human behaviour, an interest that drew him to Almanis shortly after graduation.

Head of Marketing • Lucie Clayton
Lucie is a marketer with numerous years of experience across a variety of industries within the B2B sector. She has worked both client and agency side and loves anything creative and unique which is why she joined Almanis.

Advisor • Ian Clark
Former partner at a big four accounting firm, Ian joined slowVoice in 2015. He is a chartered accountant and has previously been the CFO of an Australian listed public technology company, an Australian Federal Government Agency, and COO of an Australian cyber-security company.

Advisor • Peter McMahon
Peter has been a Senior Executive and Chief Executive in various industries with major responsibility for bringing about significant organisational change both in business performance and corporate culture. He has extensive management and business experience, which has incorporated key positions within the Construction, Property, Mining and Finance industries as well as a Directorship of a major UK public company and Chairman of a mining joint venture involving various Japanese Corporations and a key role in the development of a mining venture in the USA.

Consultant • Robin Hanson
Robin is an associate professor of economics at George Mason University, and a research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University. In 1984, he received a Masters in Physics and a Masters in the Philosophy of Science from the University of Chicago, and afterward spent nine years researching artificial intelligence, Bayesian statistics, and hypertext publishing at Lockheed, NASA, and independently. Dr. Hanson has pioneered prediction markets, also known as information markets or idea futures, since 1988. He was a principal architect of the first internal corporate markets, at Xanadu in 1990, of the first web markets, the Foresight Exchange since 1994, and of DARPA’s Policy Analysis Market, from 2001 to 2003.



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