Go to our NEW market: Will Venezuelan President Maduro leave office before the end of 2016?

Will a national referendum remove Venezuelan President Maduro before the end of 2016?

Will Venezuela default on its sovereign debts in 2016?

Will the Guri Dam hydroelectric power plant in Venezuela cease operating for a period of more than 24 hours by the end of May 2016?

We’ve been following the political and economic meltdown in Venezuela closely on almanis and Friday was another big news day. Embattled President Maduro announced a 60-day extension of national emergency powers and threatened to seize factories that have stopped production. This followed just hours after senior US intelligence officials briefed that the president could be forced out of office by his own allies – a prediction that we are happy to test!

Recent News:

  • 13th May: Washington Post report senior US intelligence staff speculation on Venezuelan crisis and possible overthrow of government.
  • 13th May: The Guardian report on Maduro’s declaration of emergency measures.

Staying Ahead of the News:

  • com is a US-based website giving updates on the black market price of the Venezuelan Bolívar being offered in the Colombian border town of Cúcuta, Colombia. Last Thursday, as reported in the Miami Herald, the US District Court of Delaware dismissed “with prejudice” a suit filed against the website by the Central Bank of Venezuela.
  • Venezuelan state news agency APN provides some insight into the Maduro regime. A look at the “The Most Read” section on the AVN website (via Google Translate) gives a decent overview of the government’s line e.g. this report on Maduro’s latest announcement.

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