View almanis market: Will the Syrian ceasefire last until 30th June 2016?

There has been plenty violence reported recently but the Syrian ceasefire still holds, at least officially. The International Syria Support Group (ISSG), consisting of the 17 countries who brokered the current ceasefire, are meeting again today in Vienna but are only expected to agree dates for the formal resumption of talks.


Curation Note:

While the terms of the ceasefire do appear to have been breached, the agreement itself still holds. For this question to settle as true, we would need to see a “widespread resumption of armed conflict” along with a formal recognition of an end to the ceasefire from Russia, the US, the UN or the Syrian government.

Recent News:

  • 12th May: UN Security Council condemns recent violations and reaffirms commitment to the ceasefire.
  • 10th May: Reuters report ISSG to meeting in Vienna on 17th May.

Staying Ahead of the News:

  • The International Syria Support Group (ISSG), the organisation that underpins the current ceasefire, do not have a website. Relevant news tends to come directly from the governments of the Group’s co-chairs: Russia and the US. Keep an eye on the US State Department and the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Learn More:

  • United Nations information on Intra-Syria peace talks in Geneva – note these are distinct from the international talks brokered by the International Syria Support Group (ISSG).


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