Hi. I’m Lisa, one of the curators.

Our job is to manage the site on a day to day basis to make sure it’s insightful, topical and an interesting read. We are also here to help you get going, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or comments.

Leading up to our launch on 1 December, I wanted to give you some thoughts on two things – firstly some of the earlier closing questions, so you can start thinking about them – and secondly to encourage you to pose some questions of your own.

In the list below I think you will find a nice mix of big, global events (like the climate talks) where the event itself is obvious but the answer is not. For me, though, I particularly like it when the questions are insightful of themselves.

The question about driverless cars being hacked certainly plays into fears of dystopian future – I look forward to hearing some informed comment about that. I am sure there are risks, but given the amount of deaths on the road through human driving what is more dangerous, really? Perhaps someone should put a question up about the impact of driverless cars on the road toll.

As for the question about whether bitcoin will be used in global trading system trials before the end of the year. I look forward to seeing the community’s view on the likelihood of that. Why? I am very wary of the interminable amount of hype and shiny verbiage surrounding any specific technology – in this case bitcoin. I look forward to our community peeling back the layers and weighing in on the question of whether bitcoin is making progress in the trading use case. A bit less loose opinion replaced by hard quantification – that’s what we are here for.

That’s why we value your questions as much as your responses. Please do propose a question as soon as we go live. You will make us all smarter.

QuestionClosing Date
Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21) talks will achieve the signing of a universal, binding plan regarding climate change11 December 2015
The US federal government will shut down on 11th December 201511 December 2015
Lockheed Martin’s protest against the awarding of a $6.75B U.S. Army contract to the Oshkosh Corporation will succeed.17 December 2015
Will the Federal Reserve of the USA will increase its target range (or rate) by 31/12/201531 December 2015
A unilateral EU wide reponse to the Refugee crisis will be implemented31 December 2015
Will the Mckinsey Partners report on the Nicaragua Canal be released by 31st December 2015?31 December 2015
A Chrysler brand automobile will be reported to have been hacked without its owner’s consent before the end of 201531 December 2015
The number of WhatsApp monthly active users will reach 1 billion by 31 December 201531 December 2015
Facebook will begin testing its full size Aquila drone by the end of the 2015 year31 December 2015
Bitcoin distributed ledger technology will be used in a trail of global financial trading before end of 201531 December 2015
One more car major company will be found to be using “defeat devices”31 December 2015
Nike will announce a plan to acquire Skechers USA Inc.31 December 2015
General Motors will announce a merger with Fiat Chrysler.31 December 2015
Mattel will register over 25 US trademarks before the end of the year.31 December 2015
Halliburton will successfully merge with Baker Hughes.31 December 2015


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