Innovate FinanceInnovate Finance, the industry body serving the UK FinTech community has confirmed almanis as a strategic partner.  The partnership will allow Innovative Finance members and the wider FinTech community to forecast and create indexation on a diverse range of questions via almanis.

Innovate Finance aims to accelerate the UK’s position as the number one global hub for FinTech by directly supporting the next era of technology-led financial services innovators and entrepreneurs.

A cross-sector, member-driven organisation, Innovate Finance aims to cement the UK’s leading position in global financial services technology. Their members range from the world’s leading global corporations to the UK’s most promising FinTech startups, who receive a single point of access to policymakers, regulators, investors, customers, educators, talent and key commercial partners.

imagePrime Minister David Cameron welcomed Innovate Finance’s approach saying, “This government wants the UK to be the leading FinTech centre in the world. I’m pleased that Innovate Finance’s manifesto has set such ambitious goals including the creation of 100,000 jobs. This will ensure we are a world leader in the development of financial services technologies.”

As part of the partnership, almanis will be involved with policy and research, events and programmes, which focus on helping revolutionise the world of financial services. We have four questions below on the site specifically curated for the FinTech industry to kick off our collaboration.  Join the conversation by following the links below and registering with your email address.

Will the UK alternative finance (AltFi) industry double in size over the year to April 2016? – Click here

Will the value of Bitcoin rise above US $500 by the end of April 2016? – Click here.

Will the value of Bitcoin fall below US $200 by the end of April 2016? – Click here.

Will the UK’s Current Account Switching Service (CASS) switch more Personal Current Accounts (PCAs) in the year up to and including April 2016 than in the preceding twelve months? – Click here.

Happy forecasting!



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