At Almanis, we listen to the crowd, and we are constantly striving to improve our site.

We have changed the way you define your forecast to make it easier to use. Now, just nominate whether you think an outcome is more or less likely than the current forecast. Simple!

We have also introduced alert emails, so that you know whether your question has been accepted, see replies to comments, make a last minute forecast, or see how you went when a question closes. You can adjust your alert settings in My Settings.  

There are more changes coming soon, and if you’ve got any ideas please let us know at

Earn prizes

Remember you can earn cash prizes for accurate forecasts, interesting questions and insightful comments. We have a prize pool of more than 10,000 GBP each round, and we are just about to pay out prizes for the September-October round. The top 100 forecasters stand to win, so keep an eye on your inbox.

And if you missed out last round, our next round is already underway so there are plenty more chances.

What’s next?

Everyone is wondering what the impact of Trump’s surprise election victory will be. Look out for a new question collection on this soon. Our joint venture partners at Realworld Capital have also got lots of questions around the economic impacts. Turbulent times ahead!

Happy forecasting!

The Almanis team


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