Your Insights Earn Rewards

Crowd wisdom is an exciting new journey, changing the way we view the world. The research shows that people working together to forecast outcomes in the future produce far more accurate results than experts. That’s why we built almanis.

We all have our unique way of thinking about things, our flashes of insight that drive our understanding of the world. Sharing and debating the results with others quickly eliminates bias and sharpens accuracy.

But until now there hasn’t been a place where you can share your knowledge, influence others and be rewarded.

Now there is almanis.

£10,000 in RewardsPlay to your strengths and join our crowd and then forecast, question and comment on the world.

The place to answer or ask all the questions that matter to the world is almanis. It’s as simple as one, two three – read the question, decide your forecast and submit.

From there you add your reasoning and become part of the narrative as the crowd works together to come up with the right outcome.

Join the almanis crowd and use your insights to forecast the things that matter. And at the same time you can earn rewards.