Can you predict events before they happen? Join our crowd who compete to earn rewards of up to £10,000 each month, just by sharing their insights.

If you think you have a good grasp of what the future holds, then Almanis is a friendly community you can join where your opinions can earn you rewards.  Almanis combines all the insights of our crowd and cleverly transforms them into highly accurate forecasts, which have been known to outperform even the smartest individual or expert.

Simply find a question you are interested in, make a forecast and add your reasoning for extra kudos.  Compete to increase the accuracy of your forecasts and climb up our leaderboards for additional rewards and recognition. You can even post questions of your own, earn rewards for your submissions and track the live crowd forecasts yourself.  We all think differently and it’s the diversity of our community that improves the accuracy of our forecasts.  Join our crowd for free and help forecast tomorrow, today.

For more information on crowd forecasting and how we tap into the collective intelligence of crowds watch this quick video.