Can you predict events before they happen? Join our crowd who compete to earn rewards of up to £10,000 each prize round by sharing their insights.

If you enjoy keeping up to date with future trends, follow the news or perhaps have a subject that you are an expert in then join Almanis – a forecasting platform where the accuracy of your predictions can earn you financial rewards.  Competing against other forecasters, you simply find a question you are interested in, make a forecast and add your reasoning for extra kudos.  You can even post questions of your own, earning extra financial rewards for your submissions and at the same time you get to track the live crowd forecasts yourself.  With many questions to chose from, there is something for everyone, from politics to finance, economics to technology.

Who can join? Anyone and everyone, it’s the diversity within our crowd that helps us perform well and expertise is not essential. All we suggest is that you keep an open mind and keep up to date with news.

How am I rewarded? We reward three main activities on Almanis: accurate forecasts, writing useful commentary and suggesting new questions for the crowd to answer.

What will it cost me? Not a penny, just some of your time and knowledge.

Why should I join? You can hone your forecasting skills on Almanis, get financially rewarded for your accuracy and track the live crowd forecasts which may lead to early warning signals